Velmix Liquor

Velmix Liquor


  • VelmixLQ-SPEC1
    Interfaced with Veloce POS
  • VelmixLQ-SPEC2
    Pours alcohol bottles
  • VelmixLQ-SPEC3
    No limit for the number of alcohol brands
  • VelmixLQ-SPEC4
    Power supply and communication cable included
    Serial communication (COM Port) or TCP/IP

What's new in the new version:

1) The pouring delay has been reduced. That means the start of pouring is faster now with the new version.
2) Now, in normal mode, the user has to make a rotational movement with the bottle to activate the next pour. We have eliminated the unwanted motion of only shaking the bottle up and down for pouring.


The proof that good things come in small packages, this liquor control system will not take up any space behind your bar! The VelMIX controller is suitable for bars, restaurants, nightclubs and more. Our revolutionary system helps you manage exact quantities of ounces poured and on top of that you will also manage your recipes (cocktails) with consistency. This management system is powerful and reliable, but most of all user friendly.

The VelMIX controller allows two types of pouring for flexibility. The programmable spouts can pour a regular or fast flow portions. The Return on investment (ROI) for our system is quite impressive and will help your bar increase transactions and avoid losses.